Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Aston Martin 1.5-Liter (1923)

Aston Martin 1.5 Liter (1923)
This car has spent his whole life in Australia. There, he started the race in Melbourne was on the events, and the first in the Australian grand prix in 1928 competed. The Goodall family had owned until 1977. John of Perth by the victim right engine, and when it was new GP style Strasbourg with a basic chassis with the body is returned. Your car in recent years in the York Motor Museum and the Fremantle Motor Museum is spent ..

Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

Batman car

Batman car In 1995 Joel Schumacher gave the Batmobile a campy makeov

1995 Batmobile a change in Joel Schumacher’s campy well with the style of the film was campy. Fans of the franchise, and both the car and refused to film the super cut inactive for a decade.